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Elevate the Mental Wellness of Your Leaders

3 Workshop Options Below

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There has been staggering growth of anxiety, burnout, and depression among leaders, and it is having major effects on organizations in the form of missed opportunities, poor decision-making, decreased employee engagement, and increasing leader and employee turnover. When leaders are unwell, companies falter.

Ryan Gottfredson and Mike Skrypnek deliver proprietary leadership development programming designed to help leaders (and those who support them) improve their mental wellness

Specifically, this programming covers:

  • The importance of mental wellness for leadership effectiveness
  • Assessing the current state of leaders' mental health
  • The neuroscience of leadership effectiveness
  • Actionable guidance for strengthening one's mental wellness
  • Elevating one's ability to have a greater positive influence on their organization, team, peers, and employees.

This programming comes in 3 formats:

  • Half-day (In-Person) workshop: $10,000 *
Half-day (In-Person)
  • 90-minute (Virtual) workshop: $3,500
  • 60-minute (Virtual) workshop: $2,500

The virtual sessions are an excellent way to discover whether Ryan and Mike might be a good fit for expanded leadership development programming focused on vertical development and mental wellness.

*Additional travel expenses apply, subject to location


For any questions or to connect with Mike and Ryan, please send an email to: info@ryangottfredson.com 

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